New DNA study shows Armenian genetic traces across the world


A new paper in Science by Hellenthal et al. (2014) reveals extensive admixture in humans over the last few thousand years. Admixture is the result of previously distant populations meeting and breeding, leaving a genetic signal within the descendants’ genomes. However, over time the signal decays and can be hard to trace. Hellenthal et al. (2014) describe a method, using a technique called chromosome painting, to follow the genetic traces of admixture back to the nearest extant population. The approach revealed details of worldwide human admixture history over the past 4000 years.

Based on these results Hellanthal et al. (2014) created a Genetic Atlas of human admixture history that shows genetic traces for various world populations. Regarding Armenians, it is interesting to see in what populations Armenians left their genetic traces (according to the study). The map bellow shows significant percentages of Armenian DNA identified by Hellanthal et al. (2014) present in various 

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